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Boston-based wedding & family photographer who loves to travel and tell the love stories of couples who are head-over-heels in love.

Blog - Lynne Reznick Photography | Boston Wedding Photographer

Boston and New England wedding days, engagements, and family portrait sessions, plus wedding photo planning tips shared by photographer Lynne Reznick Photography.

Classic Fall Stamford Yacht Club Wedding - Kristie & Andrew

Lynne Reznick

Classic Fall Stanford Yacht Club Wedding on the Water

Before the wedding bells and before their first dance to "The Real Thing" by Zac Brown Band at their Stamford Yacht Club wedding, Kristie and Andrew met in college at a physical therapy clinic they were both working at. They were friendly but didn't end up getting together until four years later when they reconnected. Kristie was working with Andrews sisters at the time and Andrew asked Kristie out on a date. They've been together ever since! The best way for me to describe these two is thoughtful and kind. They went out of their way to make family and friends feel special and loved on their wedding day and it was obvious that kindness and generosity guide them in their everyday lives as well.  

Getting Ready: Honoring Family

Kristie and Andrew bought a home together in the year prior to getting married - talk about a big year! A home and a wedding! And Kristie got ready in their new shared home. Such a special thing to be able to prepare to marry your soulmate in the home you share together. She had an amazing team for hair and makeup with hair by Kim West and makeup by Sue Berkoff. And she found her stunning gown by Kelly Faetanini at A Little Something White in Darien, CT. She had it altered to add the lace sleeves in honor of her mom, who wore lace sleeves on her wedding dress years before. It was a beautiful way to remember her mom. She also wore an heirloom hair comb and they got their wedding bands from Betteridge Jewelers. Andrew and his Dad wore custom navy suits from Suitsupply that had special messages stitched under the collars. Andrew also gifted socks from Sock Club to each of his groomsman and they were a fun pop of design and color. Andrew got ready with his groomsmen and his Dad and Kristie had her sisters and sisters-in-law, as well as her best friend, by her side as she got ready.

Ceremony at Our Lady of Star The Sea Church

They held the ceremony at Andrew's family church: Our Lady Star of the Sea. It was particularly special because the priest that married Andrew and Kristie had known Andrew since he was a kid and was able to speak personally about the journey Andrew has taken so far, and now how the two of them are embarking on a journey through life and of faith together. 

Portraits: Water Views and Sunset Skies

After the ceremony we dashed off for portraits at the family home right on the beach. The sunset was AMAZING and the calm waters and cotton candy skies made for a chilly! but beautiful backdrop for photos. The rich cranberry and navy tones popped against the sunset skies and the florals from Brewster Flower Garden were stunning. We then zipped over to the Stamford Yacht Club to catch the rest of the light as the sun was setting. It was a chilly 34 degrees by the time we finished portraits but Kristie and Andrew were troopers and snuggled a lot to keep each other warm :) And the photos come out amazing! I'll brave the cold with a totally in love couple any day of the week!

Reception: Wine Bottles, Hats, and Donuts (and dancing, of course!)

Andrew and Kristie were so thoughtful about the special touches they incorporated into their wedding. they love their community and wanted to keep vendors as local as possible. So they had local whiskey in their signature drinks and artisanal donuts from their favorite local bakery for dessert, along with their cake. And yes, I was BEYOND excited about the donuts. And Kristie knew I had a love for them - so she made sure I tried one. And they were AH-MAZING! They also both enjoy wine so they asked their guests to write well wishes and love notes on wine bottles, each labeled with a milestone anniversary. Now, as they celebrate their first anniversary, and their fifth, and their tenth, and their twenty-fifth anniversary, they'll share the bottle of wine designated for that anniversary and read the messages left by loved ones on their wedding day. I can't tell you how much I love this idea! I think I'm going to steal it when Scott and I renew our vows in a few years.

Andrew's Dad has a thing for hats. He told everyone that he has a thing for hats during his toast to the couple, and he proceeded to whip out a baseball cap with their custom wedding monogram logo (created by Andrew's mom!) on it. Now, this was adorable, but as it turns out, Andrew's dad wanted everyone to share in his love of hats and his love and Andrew and Kristie - so e had enough made for all of the wedding guests and they were put out for people to grab and wear throughout the evening! And the hats made their way onto the dance floor as people danced the night away to music from Dance To The Music Entertainment.

Wedding Planning: Four Tips for Gorgeous Engagement Photos

Lynne Reznick

Sarah & Brian engagement location

Pick A Place With Meaning

Whether it's going back to the site of your first date, or a place you love to visit together, choosing a spot that is sentimental to you will make you even more comfortable and make the photos even more special. 

Sarah and Brian got engaged at a vineyard and one of their favorite date nights was going to vineyards around CT and doing wine tastings or sitting with a picnic dinner overlooking the grounds. So Gouveia Vineyards was the perfect spot full of meaning and memories of great dates together for them to hold their fall engagement session. And the scenery was pretty amazing too!

Meagen & Robb engagement location

Consider Time Of Day

Maybe your favorite place in the city is also popular with tourists?! Beat the crowds by planning a sunrise session. Or maybe sunset is amazing at your favorite beach so you'll want to plan to catch that gorgeous light later in the evening.

Meagen and Robb loved sailing together and actually belonged to a sailing club in East Boston. So we ended their session at dusk at the sailing club. By waiting until dusk, we really got to capitalize on the gorgeous Boston city skyline as the lights in the building started to glow in the low light. It would have been beautiful to be there in the sunshine of the day as well, but the evening added an extra special warmth and glimmer to the photo. And the club was closing right around the time we were there, but they knew the couple so they let us stay a bit later, and we had the place to ourselves for uninterrupted views!

Jill & Ben-0908.jpg

Be True To Your Style

You want to feel comfortable during your session so that you can focus on each other. Pick something true to your style. If you're a casual chic kind of couple, stick to that look. If you love to dress up, thats great too! Just don't get really dressed up because you think it's expected. The only thing expected is that you be totally in love with each other.

Ben and Jill enjoy dressing up and Ben especially loves a great hat! So they went with a slightly dressed up look for their session. What was key was that they both were still relaxed and natural in the pieces they chose so they were comfortable and natural during their photos!

Kelsey & Jeremy engagement tips

Trust Your Photographer

You hired them for their expertise, so have faith in their creative vision, even if it seems unconventional at the time. Trust me, the photos will be amazing, and the magic will be there.  

Kelsey and Jeremy were so sweet together and we walked around Boston hitting some fun spots for their engagement session. I love this photo because of the way they're looking into each other's eyes and for how genuine their smiles are. And I love the character of the amazing North End buildings in the background. To get this photo and be able to crop out some ugly fencing and most of the cars parked on the side of the road, I asked Kelsey and Jeremy to climb on top of a picnic table and snuggle together in the middle of a public square. And they never batted an eye - they jumped right up, cuddled together, and trusted that I has a vision for a great photo. It's one of my favorites from their session! 

If you're engaged and you're psyched to do an engagement session, but you just don't quite know where to have your photos taken - check out the free worksheet I put together to help my couples come up with the spot that will be perfect for them! 


Stacy & BP-0035.jpg

How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Session Location


To choose a location that is best for the two of you and no one else - download my free worksheet. It will guide you to your perfect spot!

Love That Never Grows Old

Lynne Reznick

File Jan 17, 3 10 41 PM.jpeg

We drove out to their home, the one they've lived in for 55 years. The one they've raised four children in and hosted countless Christmas and Thanksgiving parties in. The home where my Grandpa has a woodshop in the basement and their fridge tells their life's story in magnets from all of the places they've been on a lifetime of vacations together

As we sat down to enjoy a meal together in their wood-panelled dining room, Grandpa lovingly put a plate of food together for Grandma before getting his own. They sat side by side at the table and Scott and I sat across from them. It felt like we were glimpsing our future selves, watching them together. They were celebrating 65 years married and I asked them to tell me again how it all began. They smiled at each other as they shared about being young and falling in love. About my Grandpa's service in the navy in WWII and my Grandma's work in a mill in town. Grandpa pulled out photos of the house back before the latest remodels and back when they each had fewer laugh lines on their faces. 

At one point my Grandma got up and picked up a framed black and white photo from the mantle. It was the two of them and their bridal party on their wedding day. They were stunning, young, and vibrant in a way I never knew them. But their smiles and the way Grandma had her arm looped through Grandpa's were so familiar. She leaned in close to me and said "wasn't he handsome?!" It made Grandpa blush, even after all these years. 

Before we left I asked if I could take their portrait. I'm their granddaughter so they acquiesced and they sat together on the couch. Grandpa instantly put his arm around Grandma. They snuggled tight without me asking. It was just natural to them. And in the next moment they looked at each other and I knew that love doesn't have to grow old. I believe in a love that never grows old, even as your hair turns grey and your laugh lines deepen from a lifetime of smiling at the sight of each other.