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Blog - Lynne Reznick Photography | Boston Wedding Photographer

Boston and New England wedding days and engagements, and wedding photo planning tips shared by photographer Lynne Reznick Photography.

Wedding Planning: Family Portraits Made Easy

Lynne Reznick

Wedding Planning Family Portraits Made Easy bride with her mom and dad-0019 copy.jpg

Wedding Day Family Portraits Made Easy

Organizing family portraits on your wedding day can get stressful simply because you have all of your loved ones in one place and want to make sure you get each combination and capture every person. Between all of the parents, grandparents, siblings, and future in-laws, it can feel daunting to call off combos in the moment. Instead, I want you to focus on hugging your family and toasting to your new marriage. The good news? There are a few things you can do before your wedding day to make sure that family photos are fast and easy, and ensure you don’t miss a single combination!

wedding planning family portraits made easy The Dennis Inn Wedding Immediate Family Portraits of parents and siblings.jpg
  1. Make A List Ahead of Time

The number one tip for making sure you get every combo you want and you don’t stress on your wedding day, is make your list of combinations ahead of time. Sit down with your soulmate and come up with a list of each separate combination you each want. Thinking through this ahead of time gives you the space to determine what photos are most important to you and which people you most want individual portraits with. For this list, focus on immediate family only. Limit this set of photos to parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, and grandparents. If you have an aunt or cousin who you’re incredibly close to and you couldn’t imagine not getting a photos with, include them as well. Otherwise, leave the large groups of extended family off of this list. Ideally, you’ll want a list of 6-10 combinations for you and another 6-10 for your soulmate.

Wedding Planning Family Portraits Made Easy The Villa At Ridder Country Club Wedding bride and groom with grandparents groom hugging grandma-0001.jpg
wedding planning family portraits made easy Holy Cross Wedding portrait of bride and groom with parents.jpg

2. Share The List With Your Photographer Before Your Wedding Day

You want to make sure that you’ve not only thought through your list and written it down, but that it is safely in the hands of your wedding photographer before your wedding day. On your wedding weekend you’ll have enough things to remember to bring along, without needing to worry about printing a list of family combos, I send a wedding day details questionnaire to each of my couples two months in advance of their wedding. It can be completed in multiple sessions online as they finalize the final details of their day and one of the most important questions it includes is the family combo list. This way, when they’ve submitted the questionnaire, I have instant access to their family combos and can download them and arrange them to flow in a way that makes the most sense (and has family members hopping in and out as little as possible). I then review it with my couple the week before their wedding to make sure I know each family member’s name, clarify my understanding of each combo, and can ask about additional combinations they may have forgotten. Then I print out two copies, bring it with me on their wedding day, and have my second photographer check off the combinations as we go right down the list. During their family photos, my couples get to hug their grandparents, snuggle with their mom and dad, love on their nieces and nephews, and never worry about what combinations we need to get.

wedding planning family portraits made easy Holy Cross Wedding with siblings.jpg

3. Tell Your Family What To Expect

As your closest loved ones, your family cares about the family photos too. They’ll want to know that all the combinations are going to be taken and they’ll want to know where to be and when they need to be there. Let them know you’ve made a list and that your photographer has it so they don’t worry about missing a photo. Then, in the week leading up to your wedding and at your rehearsal, let family where they need to be for family portraits and tell them exactly when they’ll be happening on the day. If the family photos will happen directly after the ceremony, make it clear to all family members involved that they need to hang back or meet up somewhere and NOT head directly into cocktail hour. Once you lose a family member to cocktail hour it can take a while to get them back! If you’re doing a first look and including family portraits in this time before the ceremony, it’s always a good idea to ask them to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the actual time you’ll start taking the photos. This way, everyone can freshen up and even if they’re running a few minutes late, they’ll be right on time.

Family Portraits Made Easy The Villa at Ridder Country Club Family Photo with Nephew.jpg
wedding planning family portraits made easy The Dennis Inn Wedding bride with her mom.jpg

4. Extended Family Photos

There are a two times when I suggest taking larger group photos. First, if you’ve done your family portraits with immediate family during your first look, then consider asking extended family to meet up briefly directly after the ceremony for a couple quick large group photos before you send them into cocktail hour. This way, no one gets lost in cocktail hour and you don’t have to try and round people up while chatting with the rest of your guests in the middle of the cocktail hour space. If you take the immediate family photo combos during cocktail hour, wait until your reception for the larger group photos. You can work with your photographer and DJ or band to call your extended family onto the dance floor toward the end of dinner. This way, everyone will hear the announcement and you’ll have the whole dance floor open for arranging the large group of family. The bonus in this scenario is that after the last combo is photographed, the band can start the dance music and you’ll already have your dance floor filled with people! For all of the reasons above, waiting until the end of dinner when the band is ready to open the dance floor is also a great time to call up your group of high school friends or your teammates from college for a group photo.

wedding planning family portraits made easy The Dennis Inn wedding extended family photos with aunts uncles and cousins.jpg
wedding planning family portraits made easy Holy Cross wedding group photo on dance floor of holy cross alums.jpg


Wee Burn Beach Club Wedding - Tori + Justin

Lynne Reznick

Wee Burn Beach Club Wedding Darien CT Bride and Groom Portraits on the Beach Lace Dress Navy Suit and White Florals

Their Love Story

Tori & Justin’s Wee Burn Beach Club wedding in September last year was a perfect mixture of classic New England with chic beach vibes. That mixture perfectly encapsulates them as well - two New Englanders who love the outdoors - as proved by their proposal story! Tori & Justin got engaged while hiking in Glacier National Park. Tori’s family has a cabin out near the park and she has grown up vacationing there and hiking in the park. It’s one of her favorite places and so, Justin decided to pop the question when they were on one of these family vacations. They were hiking Tori’s favorite trail and were near a nice lookout the trail offered when Justin let the family hike ahead and dropped to one knee to ask Tori to marry him. She was totally surprised and could not have been happier. Then her family figured out that they were no longer behind them on the trail and hiked back a bit to catch the good news and celebrate the proposal!

When I heard their story Scott and I had just recently hiked and camped in Glacier for the first time and I had fallen instantly in love with the park. It is a ruggedly beautiful place. We spent a week and wished we could have stayed for longer, so hearing about their hikes and swapping stories of favorite spots in the park made these two feel like old friends on our very first call. And over the course of the year leading up to their wedding, these two proved to be so in love and so laid back about their wedding - really staying focused on how excited they were and how happy they were to be able to celebrate with friends and family. They hosted an absolutely beautiful and full of special details and personal touches!

Wee Burn Beach Club Wedding Darien CT hanging floral installations by Flowers and Flowers by Adam with gray linens letterpress menus and gold rimmed glasses

Getting Ready & First Look

Tori went to Lanphier Salon for their hair and makeup and then finished getting ready at her parent’s home, with her twin sister serving as her maid of honor and the sweetest group of ladies by her side. I started with photographs of Tori’s bridal details and of their stunning custom invitation suite. The suite was done by Louise York of Paper Trousseau with Justin designing the monogram! They toasted by the pool in adorable pjs before getting dressed in lovely gray bridesmaids gowns by Hayley Paige. Tori was helped into her Amsale dress her sister and mom in a room flooded with sunlight. Tori’s dad came in for a reveal moment and you really got to see the entire family full of love and joy - so incredibly happy for Tori and for the love she and Justin share. Justin got ready nearby with his groomsmen - dawning tailored navy suits and gray ties - and then came over to Tori’s parent’s home for their first look. It was such a sweet moment as Justin walked out to see Tori. They had a semi-private moment on the stone patio in the back of the house with their parents and all of the bridesmaids watching (and crying happy tears!) through the windows and back door! Then we invited everyone outside to join them for family photos before we headed to the beach!

Wee Burn Beach Club Portraits

It was a beautiful sunny day for their wedding with a nice warmth in the air that balanced with a cool breeze. A fall day in New England at its best! Tori and Justin love the beach and were thrilled to have their reception at the beach club, so we did their bridal party portraits and a few more couples portraits right on the beach at Wee Burn Beach Club before their ceremony. We also got to take a quick peek at the reception room as Flowers and Flowers by Adam was just finishing the hanging floral installations! Eek! So pretty!!

Talmadge Hill Community Church Ceremony

Talmidge Hill Community Church is Tori’s family church. She attended all while growing up and it is the cutest and smallest little church. It’s also quintessential New England! They packed it to the brim with loved ones for the ceremony. Tori looked stunning as she was walked down the aisle by her dad - both grinning from ear to ear. She and Justin wrote their own vows and had everyone in the place tearing up as they read them to each other. After they processed out they hopped into a getaway car decked out with a Just Married sign for a fun exit from the church. They waved to family and friends as they headed to the reception and were there to welcome them to their cocktail hour.

Wee Burn Beach Club Reception

Cocktail hour took place outside as the sun started to set over the water. Wee Burn has a large brick patio area adjacent to the beach with steps down to the sand so guests could take full advantage of the sunset and water views. They served passed apps and had a raw bar during cocktail hour that perfectly fit the beachside venue. Guests were then ushered into dinner and served their first course before toasts. Then after dinner Tori & Justin had their first dance and parent dances to open up the dance floor and cut their cake done by Sweet Lisa’s. The Eturnity Band kept the dance floor packed all night long and were super interactive - coming out onto the dance floor to sing and dance alongside guests. At the end of the night Tori and Justin left through a tunnel of sparklers as they said goodbye to their loved ones. It was a wonderful day from start to finish and every single person wore their hearts on their sleeves throughout the entire day. There were happy tears and belly laughs and smiles all day long. Congratulations you two! XO

Heirloom Wedding Albums - Why They Matter

Lynne Reznick

Boston Wedding Photographer Lynne Reznick Photography Heirloom Linen Wedding Album with Engraving

Your wedding album matters because your wedding matters.

Your wedding is the start of lives lived truly and inseparably together. It is the start of a commitment to be partners, to be best friends, to conquer challenges and face the highest highs and the lowest lows - together. And the people you share your wedding day with matter - those who show up not just on your wedding day, but on all of the days before and after, the ones who show you love and support, the family members who drive you crazy and love you fiercely all at the same time. Yes, your wedding day is also special because of the details and the dress and the flowers. Those are beautiful and they matter, too. But what means the most is the marriage you're creating; the life you’re pledging to make together as you go forth hand-in-hand. Your wedding matters in ways that go well beyond that single blissful day.

Afterward, the images from your day will help you relive the moments and bring the emotions flooding back.

And you're more likely to look back at them more often if they're printed. Over the years, Scott and I have looked back at our album together and separately. We pull it out to show new friends who have come into our lives in the years after our wedding. We pull it out to see loved ones who have since passed away. We reminisce at each anniversary by turning the pages and being whisked back to the exact moments each page captures.

And when we fight or life gets hard, and it does sometimes, I've pulled that album out to remind myself of how young we were, how in love we are, and how far we've come together.

It’s my sincere belief that one of the things that will last as long as my marriage is our wedding album. It will remain a legacy to our love, an integral part of our family history. There is no social media platform or technology that is guaranteed to last as long. Facebook may evolve into something completely different and my nephew's computer may not even have a spot to put a flash drive one day soon. The beauty of the album is its analog simplicity and the tangible way it holds our memories and our love for generations to come. 

Your wedding album matters because your love story matters.

Do you love the idea of transforming your day into an heirloom piece? Find out more about the heirloom wedding albums I offer and view the love stories of #LRPsoulmates. XO