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Boston, MA wedding & engagement photographer who loves to tell the love stories of couples head-over-heels in love, educator, workshop host, flat lay stock photography artist

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Boston and New England wedding days and engagements, and wedding photo planning tips shared by photographer Lynne Reznick Photography.

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Heirloom Wedding Albums - Why They Matter

Lynne Reznick

Boston Wedding Photographer Lynne Reznick Photography Heirloom Linen Wedding Album with Engraving

Your wedding album matters because your wedding matters.

Your wedding is the start of lives lived truly and inseparably together. It is the start of a commitment to be partners, to be best friends, to conquer challenges and face the highest highs and the lowest lows - together. And the people you share your wedding day with matter - those who show up not just on your wedding day, but on all of the days before and after, the ones who show you love and support, the family members who drive you crazy and love you fiercely all at the same time. Yes, your wedding day is also special because of the details and the dress and the flowers. Those are beautiful and they matter, too. But what means the most is the marriage you're creating; the life you’re pledging to make together as you go forth hand-in-hand. Your wedding matters in ways that go well beyond that single blissful day.

Afterward, the images from your day will help you relive the moments and bring the emotions flooding back.

And you're more likely to look back at them more often if they're printed. Over the years, Scott and I have looked back at our album together and separately. We pull it out to show new friends who have come into our lives in the years after our wedding. We pull it out to see loved ones who have since passed away. We reminisce at each anniversary by turning the pages and being whisked back to the exact moments each page captures.

And when we fight or life gets hard, and it does sometimes, I've pulled that album out to remind myself of how young we were, how in love we are, and how far we've come together.

It’s my sincere belief that one of the things that will last as long as my marriage is our wedding album. It will remain a legacy to our love, an integral part of our family history. There is no social media platform or technology that is guaranteed to last as long. Facebook may evolve into something completely different and my nephew's computer may not even have a spot to put a flash drive one day soon. The beauty of the album is its analog simplicity and the tangible way it holds our memories and our love for generations to come. 

Your wedding album matters because your love story matters.

Do you love the idea of transforming your day into an heirloom piece? Find out more about the heirloom wedding albums I offer and view the love stories of #LRPsoulmates. XO

Wedding Planning: Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

Lynne Reznick

I must have flowers always and always.  --Claude Monet

proteas bridal bouquet inspiration for wedding planning

With our first major storm of the year, I thought some gorgeous blooms might be the best medicine. Here are some of my lovely brides and their amazing bouquets to entice and inspire you!

Which style is your favorite? Do you go for the all white bridal bouquet? Or maybe the bright bouquet to add a pop of color? Or are wildflowers and greens more your style? Do you like the idea of matching your bridesmaids or have them carry the inverse of your bouquet? Is there an talisman or memento that you'll carry along as a family tradition or for sentimental reasons?Decisions, decisions! 

Enjoy scrolling through all of the pretty and here's hoping you get inspired by the beauty and artistry. XO

See something you love? Here are the talented floral designers in order of appearance: 1. Mar Floral & Botanicals  2. Studio One Twenty Three West  3. Ashleigh's Garden  4. Lopez the Florist  5. Fleurescent  6. Floral Designs by LiRog  7. Autumn Rose        

Jenna & John ~ Lace Factory and Essex Steam Train

Lynne Reznick

Jenna & John share a beautiful love for each other and their families and friends. They dreamt up and then brought to life a truly beautiful wedding day. The details were stunning and incredibly romantic from start to finish. They took the Essex Steam Train with all of their guests to The Lace Factory for their wedding reception full of pinks and florals and lace of course! Their wedding party was full of energy and positivity and the whole day was full of laughter and love. A huge thank you to Jasmine Balgobin of Carla Ten Eyck Studios for having me along with this wonderful couple for their special day. See Jasmine's story of Jenna & John here and then come back to see my story of their day below.

Go ahead, I'll wait... Okay, now scroll on down and enjoy!


Jenna & John-0004

Jenna & John-0008


Jenna & John-0011

Jenna & John-0015


Jenna & John-0013

Jenna & John-0019

Jenna & John-0020


Jenna & John-0017

Jenna & John-0024

Jenna & John-0026

Jenna & John-0031

 Jenna & John-0102


Jenna & John-0035

Jenna & John-0029

Jenna & John-0050

Jenna & John-0070


Jenna & John-0067

Jenna & John-0074

Jenna & John-0081


Jenna & John-0047

Jenna & John-0063


Jenna & John-0051


Jenna & John-0084


Jenna & John-0093


Jenna & John-0097

I just couldn't help myself with the array of details the had carefully planned - here is a little taste!

Jenna & John-0079


Jenna & John-0089