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Blog - Lynne Reznick Photography | Boston Wedding Photographer

Boston and New England wedding days and engagements, and wedding photo planning tips shared by photographer Lynne Reznick Photography.

Wedding Planning: Head Table Setup Tips For Photographing Toasts

Lynne Reznick

Wedding PLanning Head Table Tips For Photographing Toasts Mr and Mrs Burlap Signs On Chairs

When it comes to wedding planning, thinking about toasts can be really helpful in guaranteeing great photos of this part of the day! There are several options for a couple when it comes to arranging the reception space and organizing the tables. And as a photographer I don’t have a strong preference for one over another. They all have their own benefits and you two should choose based on what you want and value in that part of your day. Specifically, couples are usually choosing between a sweetheart table, a long head table, or a round head table. Below, I’ll share an overview of each of these three options just make sure we’re all on the same page about what they mean. Then I’ll give you some tips to consider for capturing the sweet emotions that always come up as your loved ones share their toasts.

The Sweetheart Table

Wedding Planning Head Table Setup Tips Living Coral Sweetheart Table

A sweetheart table is a small table for two styled beautifully and set up for the bride and groom. It is a great way for bride and groom to have a few moments together to focusing on just soaking each other and the day in and eating a few bites of their food! Sweetheart tables can be square, circular, or even half moon like the photo above, but they all serve the same purpose of getting the couple alone together for the meal - at least for the few moments they’ll actually sit down for!


Tips For Great Photos At A Sweetheart Table

1) Work with the band or DJ to have the Best Man, Maid of Honor and anyone else giving a toast stand next to you at the table, rather than across the room. You’ll get to interact more with the person giving the toast and have photos that tell a more complete story - giving more context for the smiles, laughter, and tears.

2) Be thoughtful of what is behind you. Work with the venue to make sure you aren’t sitting in front of a bright exit sign or fire extinguisher (it happens more than you think) or anything else distracting. It isn’t reasonable to ask your photographer to edit these elements out of your photos later. It’s best to avoid having your table in front of them from the start!

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The Long Head Table

Wedding Planning: Head Table Setup Tips For Photographing Toasts Long Head Table Last Supper Style

For couples who would rather sit with their bridal party and/or parents, the long head table is a popular option. Regardless of what type of tables you have for the rest of your guests, a long head table can work well to include all of the people closest to you without looking out of place. The flexibility can be especially nice in terms of numbers. For smaller bridal parties, you may only have one table, but you can also put tables end-to-end to welcome more people to the head table.

Wedding Planning: Head Table Setup Tips For Photographing Toasts Long Head Table

Tips For Great Photos At A Long Head Table

1) Whether people sit “last supper” style on only one side of the table, or on both sides, you should be sure to leave the spaces directly across from the bride and groom open. At the wedding in the photo above, the venue manager made sure not to set the table or place seats at the two spots directly across from the bride and groom. This way, they could have people on both sides of the table to promote conversation among their family, but when it came time for toasts, I had a clear view to their reactions the whole time.

2) Make sure that the centerpieces in front of the you two are shorter arrangements that don’t hide your faces. The photographer will then be able to capture the gorgeous florals in the photos of the toasts without having to work around them and therefore having them cropped out.

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The Round Head Table

Wedding Planning: Head Table Setup Tips For Photographing Toasts Round Head Table

Round head tables blend seamlessly into the rest of the reception setup and allow the bride and groom to sit with their small bridal party or with their closest family members. The table is simply another round in a room full of rounds, so it doesn’t necessarily stand out as a head table and really allows all guests to feel like they’re on even footing at the reception. The round style fosters conversation amongst the entire table better than a long table does and keeps the group to intimate number.


Tips For Great Photos At A Round Head Table

1) Depending on the reception setup, it’s great to arrange to sit as bride and groom at the head table with your backs to the dance floor where the toasts will likely take place. When it’s time for toasts, simply turn your chairs to face the dance floor and the person giving the toast. You’ll also be creating a clear view for the photographer.

2) Similar to the tip above for long head tables, make sure that the centerpiece on the head table is a shorter arrangement that doesn’t hide your faces. The photographer will then be able to capture the gorgeous florals in the photos of the toasts without having to work around them.

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North End Boston Engagement Session - Katie & John

Lynne Reznick

North End Boston Engagement Session Cobblestone Street In Winter

Katie and John are college sweethearts - my favorite! They met at Boston College the first day of freshman year. Katie explained that they each had significant others from high school at the time, but they became friends and then began dating during their sophomore year when they were both newly single. They’ve been together for 6 years now and are so excited to be getting married in April!

Rooftop Views

These two live right in the heart of the North End of Boston so we decided it was the perfect spot for their engagement session. With a Spring wedding, they decided to brave a super windy and chilly day in early winter for their photos. And they picked perfect winter outfits with chic coats and cozy hats and gloves as accents. We started out on the roof deck of their building where they have some seriously epic views of Boston’s changing skyline. Then we warmed up before hitting the cute cobblestone streets and side alleys of the North End for the rest of their session.

Classic North End: Paul Revere House

Because Katie and John live in the neighborhood, often passing little squares and finding shortcuts around the tourists on back roads, we made these paths part of their session. And they loved the idea of incorporating some classic icons of the North End, so we just had to take a few photos in front of Paul Revere’s house! The cold and wind meant we had the place to ourselves for photos.

Christopher Columbus Park

We ended the session at Christopher Columbus Park, right at the edge of the North End and right on the water. And again we lucked out that the weather kept the crowds away. So snuggles ensued and these two kept each other warm for a few more fun shots! It’s safe to say that these two are totally adorable and their wedding in April is going to be absolutely lovely! Congrats Katie & John! XO

Wedding Planning: Photographing Your Bridal Details

Lynne Reznick

Mary & Andrew-0044.jpg

When the day is over and you're married to your soulmate, the necklace you wore, the shoes you walked down the aisle in, and the perfume you wore as you held each other close during your first dance will become more than objects. So many special heirlooms get worn or passed down through generations on wedding days. By capturing those pieces, you also capture a piece of your family, your history, your identity. And even if you start a new tradition with brand new pieces of your own, one day they’ll become the heirlooms you’ll pass down to your daughter or to your grandchild. They’re mementos of the day you said yes to forever with your soulmate. And they help tell the story of your love and your day. And those special meanings, the memories and emotions that will be indelibly tied to those objects, are the reasons why I carve out time at the start of your wedding day to honor them in beautifully styled photos.

The truth is, getting ready can often be a bit hectic as you, your parents, and your closest friends all get ready for you to walk down the aisle. So, it's helpful to have all of your details gathered and ready for photos before you sit down for hair and makeup. This way you don't have to stop what you're doing to gather items when the photographer arrives. I ask each of my couples to gather and set aside several pieces so that they're ready for me when I arrive on the wedding day. This way after saying hello and hugging the bride, I can start to style the details right away and make sure there's enough time to capture them beautifully while also getting candids of finishing touches to hair and makeup and maybe even the popping of a champagne bottle for a toast!

And I even bring along a whole styling kit that includes linen styling boards, vintage trays, ribbons, ring boxes, trinket dishes, vintage stamps, and more to make sure that I can complement the unique style of each of my brides and make their details pop. Having your items ready and waiting to be styled is super helpful and will ease some stress on your wedding day.

Have the following ready for your photographer:

-jewelry (earrings, bracelet, necklace, rings)



-perfume bottle

-hair piece or veil

-one complete invitation suite

-family heirlooms

-vow books


-loose flowers and greens

A few final tips to keep in mind:

  • For loose florals you can speak to your florist about including a few extra stems and greens when they deliver your bouquet. You only need one or two pieces and florists are often happy to do this if you ask.

  • Fully prep your dress by pulling it out of the garment bag, taking all visible paper and stuffing out, and transferring the dress to a wooden hanger.

  • If your invitation includes a calligraphed envelopes as well as a wax seal or envelope liner, include two so that both sides can be shown off in photographs. The same applies for any double-sided paper elements!

Michelle & Nick-0901.jpg
Wedding Planning Photographing Bridal Details Badgley Mischka Shoes and Veil
Cinzia & Johnny-0018.jpg
Lauren & Eric-0759.jpg
Wedding Planning Photographing Bridal Details Family Heirloom Necklace Mrs Box Handmade Beaded Purse Styled On Vintage Tray
Wedding Planning Photographing Bridal Details Styled Invitation Suite by Roseville Designs
Wedding Planning Bridal Details Wedding Dress
Wedding Planning Bridal Details Vintage Tray and Comb
Michelle & Nick-0910.jpg