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80 Florida Street
Dorchester, MA


Boston, MA wedding & engagement photographer who loves to tell the love stories of couples head-over-heels in love, educator, workshop host, flat lay stock photography artist

Lynne Reznick Photography | Wedding Photographers Boston MA

Lynne Reznick Photography is an award winning wedding photographer in Boston, MA who works closely with clients to capture authentic wedding photos that tell their joyful love stories.

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When you've said your vows and exchanged rings you'll be leaping into a marriage together. And the wedding day will soon feel like a beautiful dream that went by too quickly. Your wedding day love story, the one you'll look back on again and again, year after year, will be told through the images captured on that whirlwind day. So I know how important finding the right photographer is and I want you to know that you're in the right place. 


You're in the right place if you believe that real life love stories are the very best kind - not because they're easy but because they are absolutely worth it.

You value unrehearsed raw moments of genuine connection and emotion.

You love that you can be completely and vulnerably yourself with each other - bed-head, morning breath, and all.

You believe in writing your own love story, one day at a time.

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You're in the right place if you're head-over-heels in love and simply being together brings you utter joy.

You are most excited about marrying your soulmate while enveloped in the love of family and friends.

You are happy to be planning a wedding that celebrates who you are as a unique couple.

You laugh together often and cheer each other on every single day.



You’re in the right place if you believe that clean and classic imagery will let the authentic moments and emotions of your day shine through and make the perfect remembrances of your wedding day love story.

Love, friendship, kindness, and joy are at the heart of your relationship.

You want your wedding day love story to be told in images that are timeless and last as long as your marriage.

To you, having classic images means you’ll love them just as much on your 50th anniversary as you do on your first.

Lynne Reznick Photography Headshot by Lauren Termini

Hi! I'm Lynne and I'm so happy you're here in my little corner of the web! 

I specialize in wedding and engagement photography for couples like you who are totally in love with each other (you know the kind – the real deal, couldn’t imagine life apart, being together is just better kind!).

I taught for ten years before becoming a photographer and I use my teacher voice at every wedding to wrangle stray family members during family portraits. I find peace and beauty and perspective in the outdoors, especially at amazing spots like our nation’s national parks (hands up for Yosemite!), but I’m really a city girl through and through. As such, I love the vibrancy and diversity, and the hustle of living and working in the heart of Boston. I love a good Italian red wine, sparkling rosé, or a shot of tequila. I’m ridiculously good at the game Bananagrams (seriously, my husband won’t even play with me anymore) and I’ll happily take on new challengers if you’re interested! I always try to pet the dogs I pass on the street, but I always ask their owners first. And I am married to my college sweetheart who happens to be the greatest guy I’ve ever met.

Want to know even more about me? Find out about my love story, my donut obsession, and my wanderlust!