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Boston-based wedding & family photographer who loves to travel and tell the love stories of couples who are head-over-heels in love.

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Get the stories behind the photographs from past Lynne Reznick Photography clients. Get behind the scenes action of some epic Boston wedding photography sessions.

Early-Season Hiking and Camping in Glacier National Park

Lynne Reznick

majestic mountains in fog at Glacier NP

“Everyone needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike” - John Muir, 1869

I love this quote by John Muir. It encapsulates my feelings about our national parks and specifically resonates when I look back on our trip this past June to Glacier National Park. Scott and I, along with our dear friend Matt, visited Yosemite twice over the last decade and we'd love to make it to each and every one in the course of our lifetime. Glacier took precedence for this trip because the glaciers for which the park is eponymously named are melting quickly and will soon be relegated to history. We wanted our visit to include actual glaciers and so Glacier National Park was the only natural choice. And what a choice it was! 

We decided to go in mid-June, early for Glacier since the elevation holds a cooler temperature for longer and the massive snowfalls of the winter often linger on until July. In fact, we were so early this year that the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road that cuts through the heart of the park and hosts some of the most amazing views and trailheads for some of the most famous hikes was still closed. Plows were still working to clear major now drifts and the road didn't open until June 28th. But the simple fact is that Glacier is breathtaking even without that route open for viewing. We were all repeatedly silenced into awe and admiration for the wonderment and beauty the park held. The craggy mountain ranges, the wildflowers, the blue-green lakes of glacial waters, and the wildlife were incredible.

So I'm going to quickly highlight our hikes and adventures each day and share photos from each day in the park. Witnessing the beauty firsthand is the only true way to see and feel how grand the landscape really is, but I hope the photos give you a peek into the amazing week we had and I hope they leave you hungry for your own adventure in this beautiful place.

Day 1: From Spokane, WA to Setting Up Camp at Fish Creek Campsite

We flew into Spokane and drove 5 hours to the west entrance of Glacier, cutting across Idaho along the way. It was a beautiful drive and that alone was often jaw-dropping, until you reached the park and realized that Glacier is on a whole other level. We were late getting in that first day, but it stayed light until about 9:30 each night, so we managed to set up our tents and get a fire going before it got dark. Our campsite had a stream in back of it that Matt and I ventured into the next morning. It was COLD! It also made for the best white noise to fall asleep to that evening. And of course there was much planning, referring to maps, and identifying birds throughout our trip. Scott added 14 new species to his list throughout the week! 

Day 2: Hiking Avalanche Creek Trail & Exploring Lake McDonald and the western side of Glacier

With Going-to-the-Sun Road closed there were only a few hikes we were interested in on this side of the park. We were always looking for day hikes, no back-country camping for us on this trip, and wanted a solid 10-14 miles each day. So we hiked to Avalanche Lake and then did some exploring around Lake McDonald in the afternoon and early evening. Avalanche Creek Trail is incredibly popular because it is an easy hike in terms of terrain and for the first half you walk along next to rapids and waterfalls. It was absolutely beautiful, although a bit crowded. Avalanche Lake was stunning. We counted at least 4 waterfalls, most caused by snow melt, running down the range that nestled the lake. On our way back we were kept company by a deer that wanted to use the trail along with us for almost a mile. Lake McDonald was beautiful and while hiking around it a bit we ran into several more deer, including a baby that was only a few days old with it's mom.

Day 3: Morning Drive to Many Glacier, Hiking to Grinnell Glacier, & Grizzly Bear

We had to drive out and around to get the Eastern side of the park and our campsite at Many Glacier. On our way a beautiful and enormous rainbow could be seen for almost an hour. It was gorgeous. We rolled into our campsite and had been there about 5 minutes when we saw a full-grown grizzly bear strolling across the main campsite road. The rangers were all over it and asked to get back in our cars, so no one got hurt, including the bear. It was a really awesome way to see a grizzly bear relatively up close! We also saw two more, as well as a black bear over the course of our time at Many Glacier. We hiked most of the way to Grinnell Glacier, but eventually had to turn back because the trail became snow-covered and was closed by the park rangers. We still managed to go about 5.5 miles in and up and were rewarded with stunning views of Grinnell Lake along the way. The weather was the most crazy that day. We had sunburns when we finished, but it rained on and off most of the hike. And when we got into the higher elevations we were pelted with sleet. Major takeaway: pack layers and always bring rain gear! Full disclosure, we ate dinner at the lodge that evening and hung out by their giant fireplace in the lobby before heading back for a rainy night in our tents.

Day 4: Swiftcurrent Pass Trail & A River We Didn't Cross

Swiftcurrent Pass Trail was also technically closed for the last three miles. We went about 6 miles in though and passed some beautiful waterfalls at mile 2. Most people stopped here so the trail really quieted down and opened up from that point on. We ended up hiking to a point where a river cut across the trail. Later in the summer rangers install wooden planks to create a makeshift "bridge" but it hadn't been installed yet. Some people tried scrambling across with bare feet but se decided to play it safe and turned back after exploring the area. around it. It was a neat spot because there was lots of greenery right next to snow that had yet to melt. We were just getting into higher elevations and if we had continued the snow would have fully replaced the grasses.

Day 5: From Wild Flowers to Snow At Iceberg Lake

The wildflowers on the trails were quite vibrant and I kept calling them the unsung heroes of Glacier because you were in so much awe of the mountains, that people didn't even talk about the flowers, but the truth is they were stunning. The fools below are posing with bear spray. We carried it on every hike as it is highly recommended by the NPS as part of bear safety. Grizzlies are amazing, but surprising one on a trail is not good. Needless to say we donated our bear spray at the end of the week after never needing it, thank goodness. Iceberg Lake was awesome. You hike up through wildflowers, across the remains of an avalanche, to a lake nestled in the mountains. When we visited it was completely frozen over and we were able to stand on it and have our picture taken. Now it is starting to melt and you can see just how Iceberg Lake got it's name. 

Day 6: Back to Lake McDonald & A Grueling Hike Up To Mt. Brown Lookout 

Our last full day in the park we drove back to the western side so we'd be closer to the exit for our trip home. Scott and Matt really wanted to take on the hike up to Mount Brown Lookout and so we did. I did not love this hike on the way up but the views were unreal from the top. The hike is the steepest day hike in the park. You climb 4250 feet over the course of 5 miles and the switchbacks don't make it easier. It was a tough one for sure and of course, there was still snow at the for our final ascent to the tower. But we had a close encounter with multiple mountain goats on the way up and this guy was chilling at the top and begging for food like my pug Milo used to do. This was also the only sunny day we had for the week and so the views at the top were even better because of the sunshine! This was also the first time we actually got a view of a glacier all week. The snowy trail closures had stopped us short every time before.

Day 7: End-of-Week Portraits and Goodbyes

On our last day we took portraits to document our looks at the end of the week and also to give our best "badass" face to the camera. Yup. We were tired and dirty but oh so tough. Lol! Then we headed four hours back toward Spokane and spent the evening taking well-earned hot showers and exploring the cute mountain town of Coeur d'Alene. We spent the night there before catching our flight home from Spokane the next day. 

It was an amazing trip from start to finish. It was indeed good for the body and the soul. I came home refreshed and inspired and feeling incredibly grateful. Next on our list is Zion and Grand Canyon, but we are not done Glacier. Or should I say that Glacier is not done with us? We'll be back one day to drive that pesky closed Going-to-the-Sun Road and hike out of Logan Pass and stand in silent awe of the mountains once again.


Elegant New England Shoreline Tented Wedding

Lynne Reznick

CT shore elegant tented wedding

In the spring of 2016 I joined my dear and talented friend Brooke of Brooke Allison Photography to photograph the elegant tented wedding of Dan and Danielle on the shoreline of CT. Dan and Danielle are both wedding industry veterans. They even met while at an industry conference while Dan was living in CT and Danielle was still out in CA. Now Danielle has moved to CT and owns her rental and design business called Gather and Lounge while Dan runs his own event lighting business called Shindig Lighting. So you can imagine that these two were fully prepared to host an absolutely gorgeous and thoughtful wedding, full of gorgeous blooms, beautiful decor, and lots of sentimental touches. Their day was full of laughter, joy, and some incredible love.

Shoreline Love Story: Getting Ready & First Look

Danielle and Dan chose pinks, peaches, and blues for their wedding colors and we started the day capturing their details and final touches as they each got ready for their first look. Danielle had a special and emotional first look with her Dad at the hotel before heading to the venue to have her first look with Dan. When these two did see each other for the first time that day, they couldn't keep their hands off of each other. They were so obviously in love and were so excited to be together and be getting married. They were seriously glowing when they got to see each other for the first time.

Textures Abound: Bridal Party & Ceremony

Their first look flowed right into bridal party and family photos so that all of their formal portraits were completed before the ceremony. This is one of the huge benefits of a first look. You get lots of time for all of the images you really want, you have a (mostly) private reveal moment with your soulmate that is just for the two of you, and you can head straight to your cocktail hour without missing any of the party after you say "I do". Danielle incorporated textures into her wedding thoughtfully with each bridesmaid wearing a different dress, some with lace, some with ruffles, some with pleats. And she and Dan created an elegantly draped backdrop accented by greens for their ceremony. 

Elegant Tented Romance: Reception & Decor

The tented reception space was an absolute dream! Again, texture played a role in different table cloths and toppings lending diversity and visual interest to the space. And of course there was an abundance of flowers and candles to set the mood of elegant romance. They added chandeliers and created a centerpiece for the rooms with a stunning wall backing their sweetheart table with the saying "and I'm happy it's you" painted on it. With all of the beautiful details, their love still shone through as the most special part of the day. They were so genuinely happy together. Cheers to your first year of marriage and to a truly unforgettable wedding day! XO

If you loved Danielle and Dan's tented fete as much as I did, you might also love Rebecca & Charley's tented wedding on Rose Island in Newport.

If you want to see more real moments and emotions then hop on over to my portfolio for a collection of some of my favorite images displaying joyful love and authentic moments.

Miriam & Andrew - Ward Reservation Engagement

Lynne Reznick


Miriam and Andrew met in Kindergarten in Texas. Yup - Kindergarten! They showed me the two of them in their class photo all adorable and tiny. And then they didn't grow up as friends but met and figured out their Kindergarten meeting years later as adults. The universe certainly had plans for them to find each other!

And these two are absolutely soulmates. They make each other crack up laughing, they love hiking and being in nature, they both love science, and they even wore matching T-shirts for their engagement session. They are planning a wedding full of inspiration from nature and I'm so looking forward to capturing their wedding at the Bradley Estate later this summer. So it makes sense that for their engagement photos they chose Ward Reservation. Not only do the trails and views offer an incredible opportunities for photos, Andrew actually popped the question at Elephant Rock, a site at the top of a hill at Ward Reservation basically perfect for proposals! So the reservation and the hiking was meaningful to them as a symbol of their love of nature, as well as sentimental for being the spot the got engaged. And it was a beautiful sunny day with gorgeous light to boot. That is pretty perfect place for engagement portraits if you ask me! 


Now that you've indulged in the laughter and love of Miriam and Andrew during their engagement photos at Ward Reservation, what would you like to do next? 

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